The World of Music Illustrated Within Two Hours

Having a mission of identifying and preserving the history and traditions of country music and to educate audiences about its meaning, “Music Hall of Fame and Museum” was opened in 1967 as a nonprofit educational organization in Nashville region. It was being operated as an international arts organization and a history museum of arts.

Basically the educational programs are functioned by the museum and after one year of its opening the Country Music Foundation Library was opened to public in 1968. The museum was closed in December 2000 and reopened in May 2001 with a huge investment of 37,000,000 US dollars. The museum houses a wide range of collection that depicts the history of country music of over two centuries. It also gives the opportunity to view videos of live music performances, historic museum store and some other public programs.

The building structure of this music center also includes some features relating to music it self. For instance from the exterior, many of its windows resemble black piano keys and there is a radio mast that takes a shape of a diamond. Also some parts of the structure have taken the shape of discs that look like CDs. The museum also has a huge collection of 200,000 recorded sounds in CDs and it includes about 98 percent of country music recorded before the Second World War. Other than that, the museum exhibits many other creations of world’s famous legends that include a large number of clips of Elvis Presley and many others in the history of country and American folk music.

The Hall of Fame Rotunda is a round room which gives an impression of equality to every one and it is the place that welcomes a whole family to be involved in many interactions with musicians and artists in order to gain experience in even composing music in a better learning environment. Also the center conducts free workshops on one Saturday every month which are accessible for any one to broaden their knowledge on music.

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