The Powerful Effects of Music – How Music Can Impact Our Minds, Spirits and Physiological Make Up

Music can change your emotions, create life memorable moments and make you remember those moments. Music is one of the many artistic expressions of life. In movies, the sound effects used to evoke emotions of love, romance, fear, suspense and even hate, is music.

There are stories of people who experience changes in habits, likes and dislikes after having heart transplant surgery; music was one of the likes and dislike. There is a story about a man after having a heart transplant he noticed his love for a different genre of music. He later found out the same music he now likes was his heart donor’s favorite music. That tells me that music is in our minds, spirits (including soul and heart), and physiological make up (MSP).

Music flows deeper within us than we realize. Music can be therapeutic to children with mental challenges; help children increase the development of a specific area of the brain; used as an educating tool especially for children with learning difficulties; brings people together to celebrate and love each other. Essentially music is present in every culture in the world.

The one music artist that I believe used the ultimate power of music is Bob Marley. Bob Marley created music for people, fame and money just happen to go along with it. His music is also the remnants of his life experiences; experiences that significantly changed or impacted his life. Through his love for music and people, Bob Marley was able to spread his music all over the world and in future lifetimes. For me listening to Bob Marley’s music is soothing to my MSP; I feel a sense of comfort and liberation.

The one performing music artist that touched the world through music was Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson’s stage performance was moving; he definitely had a gift for entertaining others. I remember the first time I saw the music video Beat It, I thought it was brilliant, that is when I became and remain a fan of Michael Jackson.

The one vocal music artist that also touched the world through music is Whitney Houston; her unique and powerful singing voice created music that only her voice could express.

These are just a few of the many music artists that once impacted the world with their deep love for music. Music and basic emotions are universal languages, the emotions evoke through music can be therapeutic, uplifting and enjoyable. Music is also a powerful intelligence, gift, talent, and expression that I believe is taken for granted. Today’s dominating music is mostly associated with fame and wealth; I believe the power of music is reduced to hooks, beats and rhythms.

Personal Experience

I once cared for a patient by the name of Melva; Melva had a stroke that left her cripple and bedbound. She had a feeding tube because she was unable to swollen, her speech was impaired, and her hands were contracted. Melba’s daughter was very active in her care. She hung Melba’s beautiful paintings on the walls of her room and played her favorite music for her, music ranging from the 20s to the 70s. Having a broad love for music I would play a different CD during each of my visits with Melva. Keeping in mind Melba’s speech was impaired, it was difficult to understand her. One day I played a 50s CD and the song Que Sera Sera began to play. To my very pleasant surprise Melva began to sing. For the first time since caring for her I was able to understand Melba’s words clearly. I began singing along which made her sing even louder. This is a memorable moment for me, every time I hear the song Que Sera Sera I think of Melba. Music does make the heart sing.