Selling Music: How Musicians Can Make Money Online

The popularity of the Internet has given rise to a new generation of independent professionals making money online, and musicians aren’t an exception. If you are looking at selling music, this article explains three of the many ways musicians can make money online.

Make tracks, sell for royalties

The first and most obvious way of making money online with music is by making tracks that can later be sold. The Internet makes it easy to self-publish and create a following without the backing of a music label. If you want to go this route follow on the footsteps of online music celebrities and publish your video on YouTube, create a Facebook page and embrace social media promotion to get fans via viral marketing. Services such as Spotify or iTunes allow independent artists to sell their music and can be a great source of exposure, though admittedly the royalties won’t come close to those enjoyed by high profile artists and you may need to pay around $10 upfront to get your tracks online.

Provide music services, such as soundtrack for advertisement

More and more people need custom made music tracks as background for online video ads, company presentations or even things such as wedding photography. It’s worth looking into entering partnerships with media or advertising agencies or other independent professionals such as photographers or film makers. Another area to look into is soundtracks for independent short films: While the money may not be great the exposure can be surprisingly good, and it’s the kind of creative project many musicians love.

YouTube videos and advertisement or subscriptions

Another way of making money online with your music is by monetizing your music videos, on platforms such as YouTube. Some covers of popular songs played with extraordinary skill or in a particular quirky way have millions of pageviews, and can be monetized at the click of a button. Another way for musicians to make money online is by creating educative videos and either monetizing them through advertising or by selling a subscription. More and more people are turning to the Internet to learn how to do things, and quality educative material can be a great source of regular income.