Private Piano Lessons – The Benefits of a Formal Education

If you think the only way to receive private piano lessons is to hire an in home tutor or travel across town once per week, which requires a lot of dedication and expense, there are other ways of receiving a formal education in music.

Online Lessons

Yes, private piano lessons are available online for a fraction of the cost. Some people may not consider this as formal training, but think again. Many Colleges and Universities across the country offer online courses to students who are unable to attend physically due to location or other reasons.

Taking music courses online is becoming just as popular. You have all the comforts of home and your lesson plans are right at your finger tips. No commute. Study at your convenience, whenever you want. There is the option to print your lessons as well and take them with you.

Choose your Instructor

In most cases, when you choose private piano lessons online, you have the option of choosing your instructor according to what you desire to learn. If you want to learn blues music, choose a teacher who specializes in this area.

You can make your learning experience a personal one with this diverse way of education. There are video tutorials available, online forums to take part in and seminars as well. Continuing education has never been easier.

Studies have shown that when you are in comfortable surroundings the learning experience is enhanced. You are relaxed and able to concentrate. No pressures. No need to worry about your appearance or performing in front of people right away.

As a self-taught pianist, I know the value of formal training as well. There is only so much you can teach yourself. Music theory requires knowledge and skill, not just playing it by ear and memorizing songs note for note. Natural ability is a blessing, but combining this with private piano lessons will bring your level of expertise to its fullest.

Formal training will challenge you to greater heights. There is so much more to music than meets the ear, so to speak. How many different variations are there on one basic scale, for instance. At least sixteen. If this surprises you, then you now know what you are missing by not getting formal training.

Private piano lessons will also teach you discipline. It takes hard work and dedication to become the best you can be in any area. After all, talent is ninety percent hard work. One can’t rely on natural ability alone to rise above mediocrity.

How far do wish to take your talent? This will be the deciding factor of which type of lessons will work best for you. If you can afford a private instructor at some point, it is definitely a more personal way to learn.