Kids Music – Discovering and Maximizing the Benefits of Children’s Music

Numerous articles have been written about the positive effects of music on early childhood development. Known for promoting succinct communication, enhancing comprehension and encouraging learning, music is regarded as an essential teaching tool. The use of music for educational purposes, however, should not be limited to the classroom.

Children’s music offers a unique opportunity for parents to support their child’s development. Content specific children’s music may be used to teach and reinforce traditional preschool and elementary school material. Such music also may be used to instill healthy eating and living habits. Parents should carefully select children’s music containing substantive, educational messages to maximize their child’s learning potential.

Children’s music also offers a unique opportunity for parents to enhance their child’s communications skills. Kids learn by mimicking sounds and internalizing messages. Parents should expose their children to music containing correctly pronounced words, speech patterns and sentence structure to ensure proper development.

To take advantage of these benefits, parents should not only select the proper music to play, but also determine the best times to play it. Children benefit from consistency and repetition, so setting a music routine is essential. A schedule could include playing music on the way to school, during playtime and prior to going to bed. The key is to turn recess and otherwise mundane, daily events, such as riding to school, into educational experiences.

Opportunities to discover, purchase and use music for educational purposes have never been so great. The prevalence of CD and MP3 players and the ability to find just about anything on the internet make this the perfect time for adults to introduce educational children’s music into a child’s daily routine. Whether a parent, a grandparent or a family friend, you could make a tremendous impact on a child’s life simply by taking the time to share the music.