How Educational Toys Can Stop You From Killing Your Child’s Imagination

The concept of learning can bore kids when they associate it with strict rules and requirements, which is what a lot of parents and schools impose. Adults tend to kill kids’ imagination and love for learning when they obscure knowledge and package it into something that has to be earned. Equating knowledge with authority and power is alienating to kids, and can cause them to shy away from what they deem to be an adult domain. Making learning accessible to children through educational toys will nurture their love for knowledge, helping them to understand the world and their selves better.

Minding your kids’ toys
0-10 years is the crucial age of formation. At this stage, kids absorb information like a sponge. Whatever you teach them could make a lasting impression that will stay with them for a long time, even for the rest of their lives. Keeping your kids simply entertained with mind-numbing television, video games, action figures, and Barbie dolls is no way to develop their imagination and maximize their intelligence. As a parent, you have to help fuel and sustain their interest in learning new things; you have to be very mindful when choosing toys for them. Don’t just go for the latest trends, the fanciest dolls, or the most hi-tech toys or you might risk ruining your kids’ sense of awe and wonder, dulling their minds and causing them to be easily bored with saturation.

Honing their love for science, art, and music
Kids are naturally inquisitive and impressionable, wondering all the time where things come from and how the world works. For them, everything is a spectacle and a phenomenon; everything is exciting and new. To sustain your kids’ curiosity and excitement, you have to make learning fun. From an early age, your kids should associate learning new things with exciting journeys and possible adventures. Educational toys are one of the best ways to nurture your kids’ innate love for learning, stimulate their minds, and hone their interest in science, art, and music.

Creating an imaginary world
Creating an imaginary world and playing pretend are some of the games kids of all ages love to do. Buy your kids educational toys in the form of science lab kits, mini robotics, musical instruments, and even mock DNA testing kits. All these are beneficial for their brain development and can possibly help them to become the future physicist, scientist, doctor, painter, or brilliant musician you envision them to be. These will also help them realize that knowledge is not the exclusive realm of the adult world, but is a world that they can discover on their own.

Beyond knowledge and learning
Toys that teach physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy, astronomy, timing, rhythm, beat, melody, colors, perspective, balance, and symmetry, help develop and balance your children’s left and right brain functioning and make it easier for them to transition from one thought process to another. Most of all, learning to love science, art, and music will not only hone their intelligence and creativity, it will also nurture their humanity and spirit.