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Educational Uses For Video Blogging

Over the past ten years, the technological advances made that benefit education are astonishing. Teachers do not have to just depend on lectures and textbooks to convey the subject matter anymore. Internet search engines, computer programs such as PowerPoint presentations, online study guides formulated by teachers and students and discussion boards are commonly used by today’s teachers in their classroom. One teaching tool that is now being embraced by many educators and students is video blogging.

Video blogging, or vlogging as it is sometimes referred to, began during the early part of this decade. The forerunner for this form of blogging, YouTube, was founded during February of that year and officially launched during the fall 2005. The popular search engine, Yahoo!, also has its version of vlogging called Yahoo! Video. With each of these brands, users can upload their own videos, watch other user’s videos and share them with each other. These videos can include television clips, music videos or home movies. In order to view these videos properly, a high speed internet connection would be required. Otherwise, the time for a video to upload will be lengthy.

In doing research on each of these web sites, I found that teachers from all grade levels and even college professors are using this method to teach certain aspects of their course content. I found videos online designed to teach kindergarten students the letters of the alphabets. There are videos that cover different aspects of science, such as space, the structure of atoms and gene splicing. I found several videos pertaining to my career, agriculture education and FFA. Several FFA chapters and/or agriculture instructors have posted videos to YouTube promoting the various activities that they take part in. This is a great way to gather ideas for your own chapter to use. The FFA Creed is a very popular topic on these vlogging web sites. There are several renditions of the FFA Creed presented by FFA members from all across the country. This could be one way to show a freshman the proper way to speak, stand and present the Creed when preparing for that career development event.

I was lucky enough to find six videos that someone had posted on YouTube that dealt with 4-H poultry judging. Each video depicted a specific class that members would be responsible for judging in an actual contest and detailing what they need to look for in order to succeed. I created my own account ( and created a favorites folder. I added each video to my favorites and have asked that each of the members of my poultry team view these videos before we participate in the various poultry contests that take place each year. These poultry judging training videos are being used as supplemental material for them to use when completing tasks that need to be finished before our next scheduled practice.

While I find this teaching tool fascinating and very beneficial, there are some important drawbacks that I feel need to be addressed. First, and most important, is the amount of inappropriate content that are present on these sites. Before setting up an account, your age must be verified to ensure that you are old enough to start an account, but that can easily be worked around if the intending user gives a false date of birth. By setting up my own account and posting the videos that I wanted my team members to see to a favorites page, I strived to prevent them from searching for topics that might lead them to finding some of this inappropriate material that I spoke of earlier. High school students are very smart when it comes to technology, so they know ways to get around things like this. At least I feel good about what I did, though. My second problem with using this form of technology in my classroom is that YouTube and Yahoo! Video are blocked by our school system and cannot be accessed on any computer. A factor that I have to take into serious consideration is that at least 50% of my students do not have a computer at home. So, I cannot require my students to log onto the internet at home to view something and expect everyone to be able to participate.

With new technological ideas becoming reality on a daily basis, I am waiting for someone to take the initiative to create a web site just for educators to post and share videos. Many teachers will admit that there days do not always start at eight and end at 3:30. And, with more and more requirements being handed down from the State Departments of Education, the time to prepare lesson plans and teach our competencies is being drastically reduced with each passing year. It would be very beneficial to this profession to have another outlet for teaching our material and I think video blogging is the way to go.

Jamorama – Learning Music Theory

At some point every guitarist will come to realize the importance of learning music theory. For some this can happen shortly after picking up a guitar for the first time, for others it could be years down the road. The fact is, if anyone wants to be able to competently jam with others, compose solos or entire songs, or just continually improve as a musician, then learning music theory is important. This is where software such as Jamorama can help someone learn theory the right way from the beginning.

Jamorama takes the student through learning chords, scales, and how to read music in a package that combines ebooks, video, and games. From day one a guitarist starts becoming familiar with note location on the fret board and various chords. Both of these lead to skills that will allow the guitarist to compose their own songs and be able to jam with others.

An important part of music theory is how to read and write music. Traditionally these skills are picked up by the guitarist in same way as algebra formulas: studying and memorizing books. Jamorama utilizes a game system to assist with learning how to read music. This helps speed up the learning process, but I would still recommend having a good reference book on hand as well.

There are of course other ways to learn music theory besides using computer software. Traditionally, many people have taken classes and also used books to self educate. These methods are not rendered obsolete by computer software and there are definitely benefits offered by taking a class that cannot be matched by any other method. The main problems with taking a class are the cost and the fact that you would be on someone else’s schedule.

Books don’t have many benefits over using computer software like Jamorama. Computer software combines aspects of books, plus video and games as well. Most software based solutions also help build technique at the same time as teaching music theory. Books also can’t engage a user as dynamically as software can. The only strong advantages that books have are that they are less expensive than the cost of a computer and they are portable. Of course, portability is only an issue if laptops are not part of the equation.

All of that being said, software solutions like Jamorama are arguably the best solution to learn music theory if price is a concern. The assortment of eBooks alone makes it an excellent alternative to purchasing a series of books. When you consider that numerous videos and music tracks are part of the package, the advantage over books is clear. It is only when compared to classes or individual lessons that software based solutions fall short.

Videos – The New Experience

Discover new experience with multimedia and record videos for up to an hour in MPEG4 format. Home brew games are old-school videos games from other video game systems like Nintendo and Sega Genesis. In addition to that, we did lots of reading, singing, fun puzzles, educational videos, and explored several online websites together.

First-rate videos can be made and later edited to perfection with adobe premiere elements 2. The technology behind plasma televisions gives you one more great reason to watch videos at home because it will pay for its own cost in a short period of time. Right this minute you can to go the iTunes Music Store (which is kind of a misnomer now, because it offers television shows, music videos, and even a handful of movies) and download episodes of Spongebob Squarepants, Law & Order, Desperate Housewives, and more than 50 other shows.

3G networks allow users to easily and quickly read through web pages, watch streaming music videos, and use video conferencing to its fullest. The band managed to find a fantastic artist by the name of James Hackett to produce 3 videos from this album; Horror with eyeballs, Somewhere down the barrel and Young man, Old man (You ain’t better than the rest) all 3 are available for your viewing pleasure from the bands website. Currently, there are 28 phones that Cingular is selling that have the ability to take videos.

So, why not put this talent to use by offering local musicians the chance to get some video footage from their gigs that they can use in the future or produce their videos. Pictures and videos taken with the built-in 2 mega pixel camera (with 4 x digital zoom) can be viewed on this screen with perfect clarity. Then lastly, you can create a separate web page with a ‘video directory’ of all your videos.

AND you”ll also receive a set of 7 videos on affiliate marketing – Yours FREE. Optical zoom physically lengthens the lens, and will still give your videos high image quality. Without this you’re to expect slow and jerky videos or simply miss out.