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Learning Internet Marketing 104 – Video Online


There are 5 Critical Steps to optimising your position in relation to other businesses on the Internet. The five critical steps in learning internet marketing strategies are 1. The blog, 2. Social media, 3. Video online, 4. Social bookmarking and 5.Content sharing sites.

The pivotal element in learning Internet marketing strategies is the blog but it equally relies on the other four elements to be completely effective. This article is a discussion on video sharing websites with particular focus on YouTube.

YouTube is possibly one of the most significant events of the 21st century and is the quickest and easiest way for almost everyone on this planet to have their 15 minutes of fame. It has provided ordinary users of computers the opportunity to watch an extraordinary variety of videos as well as allowing them to upload their own videos.


YouTube is defined in the Wikipedia as a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips…. It displays a wide variety of user-generated video content, including movie clips, TV clips and music videos, as well as amateur content such as video blogging (vlog) and short original videos. Most of the content on YouTube has been uploaded by individuals.

Using video online as a tactic

In March 2008 it was estimated that there was in excess on 78 million video clips on YouTube. This is incredible when you consider that it only started in 2005 and since then 80% of those clips were user-generated by amateurs.

There are something like 200,000 clips uploaded each date.

Some more incredible statistics include the percentage of the total items uploaded are:

Music 19.8%,

Entertainment 19%,

Blogs 14.2%,

Comedy 13.4%,

Sports 6.9%,

Education 6%,

Auto 5.2%,

Film 4.7%,

How to… 2.6%,

News 2.6%,

Pets 2.2%,

Science 2.2%, and

Travel 1.3%

Further to this 34.5% of the uploads were carried out in the USA while only 2.6% were carried out in Australia. The predominant language used was English with 48.1% and 13.6% Spanish. Very interesting statistics indeed.

If you consider the statistics above you could reasonably determine a number of areas for your niche market and where your audience would come from.

User-generated video on any one of the top five topics above, primarily in English to an audience in the USA would be a huge start to developing a product for your market segment.

Uploading, annotating and editing videos

The really great thing about video online is that it is so easy to make a video, upload it to the Internet and edit even while it is on the web. There are however, just a few points that you must remember when uploading a video to the web to ensure it is found by the search engines. Always give the video a title that will adequately describe what it is all about. Make the title from your content rich words and phrases.

You can also add keyword tags to the video when uploading it to the web. These tags should also contain your content rich keywords and phrases to ensure search engines find your video. A killer headline will always attract large numbers of hits to your video and improve your rankings enormously.

The other really important thing to do when you upload your video is to ensure that your website html code is linkable directly to your site. This means that you should not only put your www … but make sure that the http:// is also added to the URL. Without this vital piece of information at the beginning of your url, visitors to the video will not be able to go directly to your website.

Once your video is uploaded, YouTube also allows you to edit it by adding annotations, editing out unwanted parts of the video and adding comments throughout the video and adding your linkable url. Annotations to the video can include your web address, phone number or Email address. You can also add subtitles to your video as well as adding commentary for the video.

Your bio and any other really useful information can also be added in the comments area next to the video. This allows your viewers to get to know more about you and your services.

Other really great ideas for your video include using software like either Microsoft movie-maker or Apple iMovie.

Finally, I must mention that YouTube is not the only video sharing website out there. There are heaps of other similar sites that allow you to upload, or search and watch videos. Viddler is another really popular video hosting site that has heaps of very interesting and informative videos.

Most video sites will allow you to upload anything provided that it is not offensive to their general audiences. You must always have the copyright to put a video up on these sites. In other words you must own or have produced the video yourself before you can upload it. Their rules and agreements for usage must be followed explicitly otherwise your videos will be immediately taken down and in some cases you could you could even face criminal charges.

In some instances some video sites will not allow you to put sales videos or multi-level marketing videos up on their sites. Always check the sites rules and agreements before uploading your videos to make sure it complies with their rules and regulations.

In conclusion

YouTube is a really great, fast and easy way to get your video and your services out to the market place. It is also an exceptional way to increase your rankings with the various search engines available. Always remember to include content rich key words and phrases in your video title as well as the associated tags. Don’t forget to always include your full linkable URL to your website. Just remember, you too can have your 15 minutes of fame by using video online services like YouTube.

Online Videos – The Fun Way to Connect With the World

While most net users, extensively use it for fun purposes, some make good use of it to increase their sales revenue. Apart from it, students too can benefit from these videos, as educational based videos re also uploaded on it. Creative people too find it as a good medium to showcase their artistic work. It is very easy to upload, download and share videos online. The basics are quite easy to learn, thus enabling the user to do so, without any professional help. Other than, YouTube, many other sites have also come up, which even have different categories like movies, music, fashion, educational and many more.

It is interesting to note that this amazing feature was populated with the help of social networking sites Initially it was only used for entertainment and for fun purposes only. But, now it has turned into an effective medium of advertising as well. People even show the actual use of their product an services to attract prospective buyers. It is not only blatant advertising, but a lively interaction with the net users and at the same time making them aware of them. Thus, it is a good combination of information and entertainment.

The concept of sharing videos is expanding day by day. Users can also share their opinions as well on these websites, by enabling them to post comments on each upload. Some sites also provide the feature of video mailing, in which, randomly selected videos from various categories are emailed to the user email account on subscription, of such service.

It is interesting to note that this amazing feature was populated with the help of social networking sites
This technology, provides the benefit of expressing yourself with millions of people around the world. Political parties too use this feature to reach to maximum number of people and communicating with them frequently. Indeed, it has become a powerful method of communication. But, it is important to note that, one needs to be careful while uploading content on the video portal. It should be used in a responsible way. One should not upload pirated stuff as it can land you in a legal problem.

Though these websites have attracted people from different walks of life, one needs to be careful and mature enough to avoid any serious consequences.

Tips on Producing a “How To” Video

A few years ago, I decided to film a “How to Make a Soy Candle Video” entitled “The Art of Soy Container Candle Making.” It was a tremendous learning experience, especially for my first product to be sold over the Internet. Here are some valuable tips that I would love to share with you.

Research. In order to be clear about what you want to present in a “How To” video – check out the competition! See what others are doing. With the Internet, it’s so easy now. Search “YouTube” videos, Amazon, Google searches for videos, books and e-books. When you see what others are doing, then you’ll find your “niche” where you fit into the market. Remember, no one is going to be exactly like you!

Become a Guru in your field. If you’re making a video, then you’re putting yourself out there as a “guru”. Study, learn, and practice. The more you know, the more confident you become in presenting the material. Practice different methods and stretch your knowledge. Then, break the material down into segments that over-deliver. With lots of free videos out there, people expect more of a “how to” video that they have to pay for. Make it a priority to keep your customers happy with great content.

Style. Watch other “How To” shows on TV including cooking shows, craft shows, and other creative endeavors. A lot of these “style” shows have overhead cameras looking down on the set, or other angles and close-ups. Check and look for “style’ and search for things you like about others. Then, you can incorporate all of these techniques in your presentation with your personality. The more you understand the process – before you begin filming, the better.

Pre-Production. Have a vision and take action on your vision. The more work you do in preparing for the film production, the better. You’ll end up saving a lot of time, money and frustration. Write a script, edit the script, and practice the script. Write in “segments” – that way it won’t be overwhelming. Put yourself in the place of a student watching this. Think of what the audience will want to see. Even if you hire a videographer, make sure you have a clear vision that you can communicate to others. Remember – it’s your video!

Organization. Make lists of all supplies, equipment and tools. In making a “How To” video, you have to introduce all of your supplies and equipment. For each segment of your script, make a side list of everything you need. It’s so easy to get flustered when you’re filming, so organization is key.

Practice your presentation in front of a mirror. If you’re currently teaching, break the information down to a clear, concise presentation. Practice “speaking” clearly. Watch out for bad habits, such as playing with your hair or repeating the same phrases. Practice presenting the information looking directly into the camera as if you were talking to your best friend.

Set a Budget. Most people start with a budget as funds allow. To produce a great video, you need to budget what the project requires. As with any project, it’s very easy to go overboard. Put together a realistic budget that includes supplies, equipment, videographer (or equipment if you’re filming yourself), music, editing, reproduction, royalty-free photos or graphics, professional fees, etc. Make sure to include any marketing expenses such as press releases. Also, in setting the budget for expenses, set the budget for sales – and price your video competitively with others in your genre. Amazon is a great tool to search prices.

Copyright Laws. Since you are creating a commercial piece of work – you need to respect copyright laws as far as music, photos, or any other copyright material that you will be using in your video. Make sure that you have the proper authorization or use material where the copyrights have expired. Don’t second guess anything, because it will come back to haunt you. There are royalty-free music sites and public domain sites. If you’re inserting pictures – take your own HD pictures and use them. Register your DVD Online with the U.S. Copyright Office to protect your product at

Hiring a videographer/filming yourself You can have a professional quality video either by hiring a qualified videographer, or by filming yourself. Determine which method fits your budget, taste and style. Write down the Pros/Cons on filming a video yourself vs. hiring an experienced videographer. If you want your video to be of the highest quality, then you’re looking at filming in High Definition. If you currently have a high definition camera, then you’ll need to purchase or have access to top video editing software such as Final Cut Pro, etc. If you don’t have access to this equipment or skill to edit yourself, then get bids from videographers in your home town.

You can post an ad on Craig’s List to obtain bids in your area. Ask for experience with instructional videos and also ask for examples of their work. Most videographers photograph weddings or music videos. A “How To” video is more involved – especially in the editing process where you can have close-ups, and titles, or inserts of graphics or pictures.

Discuss fees, scheduling, editing, music, equipment, lights, sound, location and assistants. Find out what you are getting for your money, otherwise, there might be surprises. The more organized and prepared you are, the better you’ll be at giving direction over the project. Don’t make the mistake of relying on someone else’s vision or control. It’s great to find out what creative skills that they can add to enhance the quality of your video, but make sure it fits with your vision. You want to make sure the whole production process goes as smoothly as it possible can. Remember -you’re not only preparing everything and writing the script, etc, you’re also going to be on camera too. You want filming to be fun!

Hair/Makeup/Outfit Even though you may be filming over a period of months, you have to make it look like you’ve filmed it one day. Therefore, pick a hairstyle, jewelry, make-up and outfit, and stick with it during the whole filming process. If you change styles for each “segment”, then the video doesn’t look consistent, and the audience can get confused. You want a seamless flow to the video.

Show your “personality” on camera People want to learn from people they like and trust. Show off some of your unique traits on camera and get people to laugh, react, and get involved with what you’re doing. Smile a lot on camera and be enthusiastic. Think of not only teaching, informing, but entertaining the audience as well. Keep the energy upbeat at all times.

Bonus Materials: Yes, people do expect bonus materials. In Online marketing – there are always free e-books, digital products, and even in the real world – lots of free samples. What information can you give the audience that no one else has done, or done right? Think about some fun interviews, bloopers, extra segments, or even interview another “guru.” Find something really special to give your customers and they will be bragging about your product and helping to sell it for you!

Marketing – In making a “How to” video, you need to not only make a quality product, but have a marketing plan in mind in order to sell the DVD. Who is your ideal customer? Where you do think you’ll be selling the DVD: Online; craft shows; learning centers; website; retailers; Amazon? Think about what is going to differentiate you from the rest of the competition, and capitalize on that in the marketing. If you’re expecting to recover your costs and make a profit, have a marketing plan, and include it in the budget.

Reproduction – There are two ways you can go on reproduction: (1) Find a reproduction house in your town. Rates are very competitive and service is great. They will send you a template to design for your DVD cover insert, etc., but can specialize more in providing service. (2) Use Kunaki. They have a “publish-at-no-cost-to you-service. They will manufacture, fulfill your orders (via internet) and ship to your customers/retailers – and you only pay at the time of sale. They charge a very low manufacturing fee, which includes: manufacturing the DVD, case, disc, inserts, cover art, shrink-wrap, etc. You design and configure your product, and they’ll do the rest. They’ll even drop ship to Amazon. Since this is a digitalized low-cost service, there isn’t any personal service. So, decide which one is best for you.