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Web Video Planning – How to Get Your Video Ready For the Web

Got Video? What can video do for your business? People love to watch video. TV. Movies. And of course, online video. Ever here of YouTube? People want to be entertained. The key to utilizing video in your business is to learn how to educate your customers and prospects while entertaining them. Making a good marketing video for example is a matter of telling a story with a call to action at the end. For a marketing professional, that is a piece of cake. But getting your video on your website, on a streaming platform, on a video sharing site like (and there are literally hundreds more!) takes knowledge. Knowing the difference between an MP4, an MOV, an FLV and all the other technical details you need to know about putting web video on line can be daunting to say the least. I want to show you how easy it can be with just a few simple tools and tricks of the trade.

Have you learned by now the many benefits of using video on the web as a form of advertising to generate more profits for your business? If so, you are probably wondering how to get started. Will you market the video by yourself, on your own website? Or will you hire an agency to market it for you. Or do you have yet another strategy. Let’s look at the options.

You can base your video publishing success on the statistics you receive about your video. If for example you are advertising on Google, you will get detailed stats about the amount of times your video was viewed and thus how much you will have to pay. Google will share some of that with the publishing websites where you video was placed. This is common internet advertising practice.

Testing your video marketing results is imperative to your success. First you should know how many people click on your video. If you are advertising on more than one site, and one site performs better than another based on the stats, you may want to consider reallocating your advertising dollars differently. If Google places your ad on a blog for instance, and it is getting little or no activity, it would be true that you owe them less in fees, but it also means that no one is watching your ad on that page. When you test and keep track of statistics regarding ad views, you can determine which sites are the most effective with your advertising dollar and which sites are not.

When promoting your own video on your own website, you should test by starting with a baseline of traffic stats. Then use your log files or better still, an analytics package such as Google Analytics, to see if the video is making a difference. Chances are it will. There are also online software solutions that track how often your video is accessed on your site. If you notice that it is being viewed frequently, but the views are not converting your visitors into customers, it is a good bet that you have a great video, you just may want to market it on different sites. If you see only a few people are viewing your video ad on your web page, you may want to try changing you video to one that will garner more attention. This is one way you can determine just how good your video really is. Google Analytics is one of the best ways to track web activity on your sites.

You can also decide to promote your video on one of the many video sharing sites, such as You Tube. Each video shows how many views it has had and if it has been rated by viewers. People often will leave comments on your video. If you come up with something unique or entertaining, you may find your video at the top of the popularity charts and getting 1000s of views a day. This does not necessarily translate into 1000s of customers, but it is likely that you may get some fresh visitors to your web page.

So which direction you decide to pursue may depend on how much funding you can afford to spend on advertising. If you have a substantial budget for advertising, you may want to begin by hiring someone that specializes in video ads to come up with a clever video for your campaign. If you do hire out the video production, make sure you purchase the rights to the video so that you can control its distribution. Many advertising companies will insist on retaining the rights. These rights are something that can and should be negotiated ahead of time with the company or individual you hire to create the video.

If you use music in your video creation you will probably need to pay a licensing fee. Often times you can find music clips that are in the public domain, which you are generally free to use anyway you like. Keep in mind that with any public domain work, you should always consult with legal counsel on how you can use the piece. Such a license to use music is called a synchronization license and is usually obtained from the publisher. They will charge by the number of seconds the song is used in the ad in addition to how often the ad is used. This means that you will be paying your advertiser for each view of your video AND you will also be paying the creator of the musical work. The amount of the synchronization license depends on how popular the song is. You can negotiate the fee yourself or hire an attorney to handle the negotiations for you.

There are also many sites such as that allow you to purchase a license for a one time fee, where you will not have to pay the publisher a royalty for each viewing of your video. These are called royalty free music sites.

Another site you may want to look into is This is a video publishing site where you can setup a basic account for free and publish to many different video sharing sites. The beauty about this site is that you can use its tracking features to track video views and see which sharing site is performing better.

Music Education – Musical Learning and Transfer

The common definition of transfer is to carry or shift from one place to another. One of our goals in music education is for students to become knowledgeable about music and to be able to transfer that knowledge from one musical setting to another. As you read this article, view yourself as a parent or teacher involving the child in constructive and enjoyable musical learning.

The transfer of skills and knowledge takes place as children progress from one level of understanding to another. Refer to the child’s previous experience and performance of the musical elements to aid the transfer process. The way we plan and implement transfer processes impacts the choice of music activities. Select teaching strategies that will provide ample opportunity for the children to make musical connections.

Involve the child in discovering and exploring the relationship between the new learning experience and his or her current knowledge. For example, understanding that two quarter notes tied together equal one half note.

Many years ago, one of my choral students, who was musically literate and conversant with reading music notation from basic choral scores, decided to join band. On the student’s first day in band class, the band director was stymied by the student’s difficulty in reading the music from an instrumental score. We discovered that the student was having difficulty transferring musical information from one format to another. Therefore, pay close attention to the format in which musical notation and information is presented to the students and help them make the transition from one format to another. A simple example of this might be learning to read rhythms with syllables or in “stick” notation and then progressing to standard rhythm notation.

Students should practice skills and music behaviors in a variety of settings. Through repetition and multiple applications of their musical learnings, we are enhancing their ability to transfer these learnings with understanding from one musical setting to another.

We are the engineers of successful musical learning for our children through the use of transfer.

Negative Secrets Revealed About Your Internet Marketing Business And How They Will Help You

One Magical Site…one quick visit… one instant download…and PRESTO…in just one step, your Internet Marketing Business finds overnight Internet riches?

Now revealed: negative secrets about your Internet Marketing Business!


If you have, or are about to start an Internet Marketing Business…please read on…you will be glad you did.

Can an Internet Marketing Business really turn you into an instant MILLIONAIRE? Yes…but it is something like drilling for oil. Drilling for oil? If you are like Jed Clampett, your chances of striking oil are slim to none. If you are a large, rich, oil company with vast resources, cutting edge technology, the latest and greatest equipment and a little luck…your chances are much improved.

If you are an aspiring Internet marketer, there is not likely going to be one book or one report or one tool or one piece of software or one membership site or one download that will make you rich. Can you get rich off the net…again, yes…but your chances are about the same as in any other business… about 3 to 5 % and latest figures lean more toward 3%.

Can you make a living off the net? Yes, but still only a small percent do so. Here are some of the secrets that you need to be aware of….THE NEGATIVE SECRETS!

The negative secrets?

  • You are usually working alone, instead of with others. Two or more heads are better than one. If you have a question, problem, or need advice, you have only yourself (find a reliable source of help…see author’s bio).
  • You have no boss. Bosses can be of help, bosses can train, bosses can answer questions, can correct mistakes, etc.
  • You have no plan. You will need a plan, a process, an outline, a track to run on.
  • You do not treat your Internet Marketing Business like a business. Most Internet marketers treat their Internet Marketing Business as a hobby or a sideline. If it is just a hobby, OK. If you want to realize growth and profit and more, you will need to run your business like a business.
  • You are led to believe that there is a magical, mystical process (ebook, download etc. that contains all the answers). You will find that your Internet marketing business will take time…uh oh…time…NOT instant…NOT overnight. “The Process” is a learning process …a continuous learning process which takes TIME.
  • You spend unnecessary money on these magical processes. Most aspiring Internet marketers are guilty of purchasing these magical processes, only to find that they were USELESS (experienced marketers…will purchase these individually or as a group in order to test drive them before recommending them as an affiliate).
  • You are not aware of an overwhelming learning curve that CANNOT be bypassed. You purchased your magical process and that is all you think you need….WHOA! If you were lucky enough to make a GOOD purchase…you still and always will have much to learn…never ending. If your purchase was a poor process, then you are building your Internet marketing business on a bad foundation, and you do not know it.
  • You are not aware of the time and effort that you will need to invest. You will need to spend time for your business and you MUST set aside time to learn and learn and learn.

Am I trying to depress you…NO. Why so negative, then? Your being aware of these facts will be of significant help.

HOW? How can all this negative stuff be of any help or value? Please bear with me.

If you are running a business and there is a problem…you fix it. With a new Internet marketing business and with many established Internet marketing businesses, there may be a number of problems…but…these problems are not fixed. Huh? How can you fix a problem…if…if you do not know that you have a problem…if you do not know what the problem is…if you know what the problem is, but are not aware of the solution. If you are fortunate enough to be able to identify the problem(s)…you are probably able to fix it or will soon find a solution. Knowledge is the key, and you can only acquire this knowledge through dedicated learning.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…unfortunately, for most, it is broke and you don’t know it!

Enough negatives…let us look at some positives that might help.

Knowledge…be aware that you have much to learn and since the net is changing so fast, be aware that you will always need to be learning. Ugh, all this learning sounds like work. If you are allergic to work, well, you are probably too lazy to read this far, but if you have read this far …do us both a favor (email me …see author’s bio…when you find that one hour per day Internet marketing business plan that will create thousands or millions of dollars, overnight).

Do you really believe that you can get something for nothing? “You reap what you sow” is not just a saying, it is a
LAW OF NATURE. You can ignore that law…it is still the law. You can embrace that law, exploit that law, and make some money! The more you sow the more you reap! Think about this, please. The more you put in, the more you will receive. Yes…that means work, time, and effort…but you will be rewarded accordingly.

There are few opportunities other than Internet marketing that can offer so much (if you will do your part). I remember a supervisory position that I had, I ran 90%+ production and 2-3% reject rate…the other supervisors averaged 70% production (Uptime) and 12-15% reject rate. So what…who cares…bottom line was that after a few years I had gotten all the raises that I could (I made $5.00 per week less than my boss and could only advance if someone left or died). The “reap what you sow ” law had maxed out, but will never max out on the net! PS…how did I achieve such results…after about a year, I learned how to be in two places at once, which made things easier-grin.

I wish that I could say that if you learn all you can and work as hard as you can that you will be assured of Internet Marketing Business success. I can promise you this…do not learn and do not work and you can definitely be assured of failure! There are also other ingredients such as attitude and self esteem…see author’s bio.

I have put together websites full of resources and helpful information (see author’s bio), and the thread that runs through these websites, ebooks, reports etc., is…the necessity to learn and learn and work and work at your Internet Marketing Business.

There are laws of nature that apply to all businesses and the Internet is no different. There are many scammers that want you to believe that there is a secret magical formula which will make any Internet marketing business rich in no time and they have it…and you can download it for so many dollars. It has been our experience that over 90% of these offers are worthless, so be careful when making a purchase. This unfortunate fact has led us to the establishment of an Internet Marketing Business testing and review committee…membership is free but each member has their share of testing, evaluation and cost. What does this mean to you? Our ability to do more testing and find more products that are worthy not worthless! Our intention is that we do not recommend any product, service, software, download etc. that we would not use ourselves. By the way, “What goes around, comes around” is another one of those laws, and we choose to embrace it.

Most internet marketing business opportunities are designed to capitalize on “GREED”, “YOUR GREED”. Again, please be careful about your purchases.


Cost, of course, is important and wasting your money is no fun…but even more importantly, is the fact that you will get burned and burned and burned and sooner or later, quit. If 9 out of 10 opportunities are useless, then your chances of getting the help and direction that you need are only about 10%…not too good. With care and research (do not buy on impulse), your chances are much improved.

In conclusion: Your Internet Marketing Business will benefit more from wise and generous investment of your time and effort, rather than your money. When you do make a monetary investment for your Internet Marketing Business, please look before you leap…uh oh…another one of those laws?-smile.

I hope you have found value in this article. Please visit author’s Bio for information and help.

Thank you for reading and much success,

George Pierce

Founder of: The Place to be is Here